Photo of the day 3-22-2014 Posted

Nice to see a couple of locals from the county Tim Ramage and Roy McAnulty bring in a heck of a stringer like this.

Photo of the day 3-24-2014 Posted

Keith Humphres, Travis Humphres, Travis Starn, and Tyler Reed out of Turlock had a nice stringer of 7 -8lb Amabows and even a 4lb bass they got in Jackson Creek with worms.  What a weekend they said as their camping trip comes to an end.

Photo of the day 3-23-2014 Posted

The Cats are coming in as Bob Clegg out of Stockton found out on Sunday.  He got this nice 9lb cat and a 7.5lb Amabow on chartreuse Power Bait in Cat Cove, great job Bob!

Photo of the Day 3-20-2014 Posted

Jeanne pulled another nice Amabow weighing 7.40lbs from the shallows of Jackson Creek with a gob of Power Bait.

2nd Photo of the day 3-18-2014 Posted

Nice Stringer!

Photo of the day 3-17-2014 Posted


Photo of the day 3-15-2014 Posted

Troy Fisher out of Orangevale landed this nice 8.70lb Amabow on an orange and white mouse tail.  The only downside to this catch, he would have won $400 in the Trout Angler Challenge Tourney that had been put on by the Fish Sniffer Magazine that day, OUCH!

Photo of the day 3-16-2014 Posted

Anthony Parr from Modesto landed this nice 10 pounder in Cat Cove on a Rapala, nice fish!

Photo of the day 3-14-2014 Posted

Miguel and Sal Contreras from Galt with some very nice stringers, the biggest fish was 7.62lbs

Photo of the day 3-11-2014 Posted