Fishing… 24 Hours A Day, 7 Days A Week, Year Round.

Lake Amador is best known for its superb trout fishing, which provides the heaviest planting program in California. We plant from October though May and stock approx. 50,000 pounds of trout each season many of which are over 10lbs. If Trout isn’t what your looking for, the lake is also home to massive Channel and Blue Catfish, Crappie, Blue Gill, Bass, Carp and also has a healthy supply of Shad Minnows.

Or facility offers a dual lane paved boat launch that provides safe launching from full capacity all the way to 80’ down. For those without a boat we offer 13.5 miles of shoreline to fish from as well as an extra large fishing dock that extends over 100’ off the shoreline below the clubhouse. For those who want to rent a boat, 12 foot aluminum boats are available for ½ and full day rentals at the Clubhouse.

Lake Amador Fishing Location Map
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Check out our Trout Plant Video on YouTube!

The record fish, NOT including the all the tall tails of monsters heard go as followed:

The record Bass was caught in 1986 by Tim Kamura weighing 17.1 lbs.

The record Catfish was caught by Joel Issac weighing 39.6 lbs.

The name of the record holding Crappie has been lost but weighed in at 4.1 lbs.

The NEW CutBow Trout Record was caught by Juan Garcia on 11/11/20 and weighed a whopping 20.12lbs!

The NEW Rainbow Trout Record was caught by Jeremy Silvas on 11/18/20 and weighed in at an amazing 19.30lbs!