The Fishing Report

Fishing Report- Week of 5/8/16 Posted

We are getting closer to the end of Trout season.  We planted 2400lbs this past Thursday May 5th with one last plant coming before Memorial weekend.  The Trout are still biting strong at about 20ft deep.  Power Bait, Mice Tails, and Kastmasters are what is hot.  Boaters are doing well in the Jackson Creek area in the back of the lake.  More and more Blue Gill and Crappie are being caught, with structures like the big dock being a good place to fish as well as the coves.  Don’t forget to check us out on Facebook for more catches and details!



Fishing Report- Week of 05/01/16 Posted

With all the warm weather lately the trout are staying cool during the day at about 10-20ft deep, making the morning and evening bites the best when cooler.  Power Bait and Kastmasters seem to be what is working the best at this time for fisherman.  But with the warmer weather the bite is on for Bluegill, Crappie, and Catfish!  A 16+lb catfish was caught while trolling for trout last week.  Reports have been made that the Bass are now on their beds preparing to spawn.  Don’t forget to check us out on Facebook for more catches and details!





Fishing Report- Week of 4/24/16 Posted

The Trout have finally moved down to deeper depths with reports of fish being caught between 10ft-20ft deep. Lots of Lightning Trout being brought in over the last week up to 6lbs. Bass bite is still strong, and Crappie are on the rise. Power Bait seems to be the best for both shore fisherman and boaters lately. Don’t forget to check us out on Facebook for more catches and details!


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Fishing Report- Week of 4/17/16 Posted

Its Spring time and we received and planted our first load of awesome Lightning Trout! Trout are still hanging around in the top 10ft of water with Power bait, Power Eggs, and Night Crawlers all working well. Boaters are still fishing Jackson creek with the cold water flow and the coves in the back of the lake.  Don’t forget to check us out on Facebook for more catches and details!



Fishing Report- Week of 4/10/16 Posted

All this cooler weather has the possibility of bringing these trout up in the top 5ft of water again. Shore fisherman have been doing well using small Kastmasters, Night Crawlers, Power Bait and Power Eggs. There are still reports of boaters knocking them out in Jackson Creek and bait fishing the coves in the back of the lake. Bass seem to be being caught everywhere with many reports in Jackson Creek area and in Carson Arm. Don’t forget to check us out on Facebook for more catches and details!



Fishing Report- Week of 4/3/16 Posted

The lake is full and Water clarity is good! Beautiful time to go fishing with all this nice weather. The Crappie bite is back on with reports of them being caught from the big dock and in the Mt. Springs area.  The Trout are within the top 10ft of water and still relatively close to shore.  Most reports of fish caught from shore are on green and rainbow Power Bait, Night Crawlers, and Mice Tails.  Boaters have been trolling the outer edges of the lake with Spinners and the go to lure the Broken Back Fire Tiger Rapala.  Boaters are having great success in the Jackson Creek area and bait fishing the coves in the back of the lake.  The Bass are feeding heavily right now preparing for their spawn so we please request that catch and release is practiced with these fish right now so they can have a chance to reproduce. Don’t forget to check us out on Facebook for more catches and details!



Ed, Mike and Larry all caught their limits within a few hours!



Lake level is currently 1ft from full and surface temp is at 63 deg. The launch ramp is all pavement and WIDE open for launching with the whole cove full of water, and has both docks in the water. Lassen Rainbows are being stocked but the Lake Amador Trout Farm will be opening back up soon!!!



OCTOBER 2015 TOTAL = 3500lbs


11/12/15—-1200lbs (10% Trophy up to 12lbs)

11/19/15—-1200lbs (10% Trophy up to 12lbs)

11/25/15—-1200lbs(10% Trophy up to 12lbs)

NOVEMBER 2015 TOTAL = 5800lbs

12/3/15—–1200lbs (10% Trophy up to 12lbs)

12/17/15—-2400lbs (10% Trophy up to 12lbs)

DECEMBER 2015 TOTAL = 3600lbs

01/08/16—-1200lbs (10% Trophy up to 12lbs)

01/22/16—-1200lbs (10% Trophy up to 12lbs)

JANUARY 2016 TOTAL = 2400lbs

02/05/16—-1200lbs (10% Trophy up to 12lbs)

02/19/16—-1200lbs (10% Trophy up to 12lbs)

02/26/16—-1200lbs (10% Trophy up to 12lbs)

FEBRUARY 2016 TOTAL = 3600lbs

03/11/16—-2400lbs (10% Trophy up to 12lbs)

03/18/16—3600lbs (20% Trophy up to 12lbs)

03/31/16—1200lbs (20% Trophy up to 12lbs)

MARCH 2016 TOTAL = 7200lbs

04/15/16—1500lbs Lightning Trout + 900lbs Rainbow (20% Trophy up to 12lbs)

04/26/16–1200lbs (20% Trophy up to 12lbs)

APRIL 2016 TOTAL = 3600lbs

05/05/16–2400lbs (20% Trophy up to 12lbs)

05/19/16–2100lbs (20% Trophy up to 12lbs)

MAY 2016 TOTAL = 4500lbs

2015-16 SEASON TOTAL = 34,200lbs

Fishing and News Report- Week of 2/21/16 Posted

Its a great time to fish here at Amador no matter what you are fishing for.  Another load of 1200lbs of trout were planted this past Friday the 19th.  The trout are still hanging out around 15′ deep.  Night Crawlers, Kastmasters, Spinners, and Powerbait are all working well right now for shore fisherman.  Rapalas still are the lure of choice for trollers.  Many reports of Bass being caught lately, mostly by accident while trout fishing.  They seem to be biting on almost anything, I’m thinking that they are definitely prespawn feeding.  More and more Crappie are being caught too.  We are still rising in water with only 4.5 feet to go!  We are very enthusiastic about all the fish pictures people have been sharing on Facebook, keep it up everyone!  Check us out on Facebook for more catches and details.





Logan reeled in a beauty trolling the back of the lake with a Rapala, weighing 4.34lbs











Bryan Wilson from Eldorado Hills got his 5 fish limit on 2/19 in the launch cove with spinners.








Fishing Report- Week of 2/14/16 Posted

Warm weather is upon us and the fish are still hanging out a bit deeper at up to 15 feet.  With some rain in the forecast this week it could make a good day of fishing for those who don’t mind getting a little wet.  There is another plant of 1200lbs scheduled for this week.  The water still is a little murky so using bait that is super stinky and shiny lures like Kastmasters are beneficial.  Night crawlers and Power Bait seem to be the bait of choice for shore fisherman over this last week.  Boaters have been successful trolling the outer edges of the lake still, and have been fishing the back coves of the lake.  Reports have been made of more bass being caught towards the back of the lake.  Which means that possibly the crappie and blue gill may be on the move too.  There is water in places on the lake that haven’t been full in some time so don’t overlook fishing in the back of coves; even if you have to hike a bit it may be rewarding. Check us out on Facebook for more catches and details.





Check out Shawn Burrell from Elk Grove with two nice rainbows, the big fish was 4.60 lbs. This pic was from Tuesday but green power bait seemed to be working well off the dock, nice catch!











Mike Davis posted this picture stating that all these were caught on a Silver/blue Kastmaster by dam last weekend. No tagged fish but they were all nice size.








Had a nice Valentines day fishing with his sweetheart. His catch weighed 3.52 lbs

Fishing Report- Week of 2/8/16 Posted

Good golly Miss Molly, there have been some monsters coming out of here!  Bank and Boat fisherman alike have been killing it right now.  We have had many fish ranging from 5lbs up to a whopping 12lbs!  With all this beautiful sunny weather the fish have gone down slightly deeper with reports of fish being caught up to 12 feet down.  Boaters are still doing good trolling the outer edges of the lake using broken back Rapalas and white grubs.  People fishing from shore and the dock have been successful with power bait and Kastmasters.  A 12lb trout was caught in the spillway area using pink sonic bait fish.  We are also seeing some bass being brought in, must be the warmer weather triggering them to start their pre-spawn feeding.  In other news the Reservation book opens this weekend and it books up quick, so make your reservations soon.  Check us out on Facebook for more catches and details.






Nice bass guys!








Alfred Owyoung had the fight of a lifetime as he reeled in this 12.02lb monster rainbow. He was fishing from his boat out at the spillway and hooked up by casting a Pink Sonic Baitfish lure.











Jerry Smith had a good day fishing. He was trolling with a broken back Fire Tiger Rapala and hooked into a beauty weighing 7.84lbs