The Fishing Report

Fishing Report- Week of 3/12/17 Posted

Sunny weather has brought on the Trout bite, his past week and weekend it was hot!  Trout are still shallow and close to shore at the moment, but as the weather warms this week fishing in shady areas may pay off.  Trolling is continuing to pick up, broken back Rapalas have been doing well.  Lots of reports of Bass, fisherman state that they are on the shoreline.  We heard from shore anglers saying that Bass were being caught on the corners of the Dam and along the Overflow Point. The water clarity is getting better every day now and visibility is a few feet at this point.  Don’t forget to check us out on Facebook for more catches and details!

Papa Greg sure knows his stuff, he caught his limit. Changing between Power eggs and PowerBait did the trick.




Fishing Report- Week of 3/6/17 Posted

Beautiful and calm weather is allowing the lake to finally start to clear up. We stocked 1,200lbs on Thursday March 2nd.  Trolling and fishing with lures is starting to pick up again with better clarity, but still this last week white Power eggs and garlic PowerBait have been knocking them out.  Even with sunny weather the Trout are shallow and close to shore.  Bass fishing has been holding strong in the last few weeks with reports of about 10-25ft deep, which equals about 30ft off shore considering the depth of the shoreline.  Brush Hogs and senkos are working well for anglers. We haven’t had many people up fishing for Crappie yet this year, but if you do, please give us your feedback. Good crappie fishing usually isn’t far behind once Bass fishing has picked up!! So go get some!  Don’t forget to check us out on Facebook for more catches and details!

Jeff Alley from Elk Grove had a great day fishing, lost some but caught even more. He caught his limit on PowerBait and green Power Eggs from the far side of the spillway!

Fishing Report- Week of 2/27/17 Posted

What beautiful weather we are having, both fish and fisherman are loving it.  Bass fishing has picked back up in the last couple of weeks and also lots of people catching Trout.  The Spillway is still a hot area for shore fisherman.  With the sunny weather the Dam should be a good area while fishing the debris line, Trout usually like to hang out in the shade underneath.  As usual, PowerBait and Power Eggs are knocking them out when used shallow and close to shore.  Bass fishing has been very good with large jigs, Brush Hogs, and swim baits in the 10-25′ range.  Usually the main hot spot for Bass is up toward the back of the lake this time of year, but some are being caught closer by the Dock and RV Park point.  Don’t forget to check us out on Facebook for more catches and details!

Papa Greg caught his limit yesterday with his big fish weighing 4.5lbs. at the Spillway. Green garlic power bait & white power eggs.

Ryan Jones
Baby brush hog
RV point
8 lbs

Jeremy Silvas from Pine Grove did well at the Spillway on green PowerBait. His big fish weighed 3.86!


Fishing Report- Week of 2/20/17 Posted

Its looking better out here, we have the debris wrangled into the corner of the dam so its not drifting out in the lake. The launch ramp is also clear of debris. Water clarity hasn’t changed much with the amount of rain we continue to receive and is still murky. The spillway is still spilling and continues to be a top spot for shore fisherman. The Carson arm, RV Park cove and the Overflow camping point are good areas from shore as well. Still, most of fisherman’s feedback is white Power Eggs, Night Crawlers, and garlic PowerBait. Trout are very shallow in the top few feet of water and still close to shore. Trolling is slow with the water conditions, but bait fishing the shoreline and coves that are only accessible by boat seems to be the way to go. We continue to hear reports that Bass fishing is good towards the back of the lake. The points at mouth of Jackson creek are a popular spot and produces well. Don’t forget to check us out on Facebook for more catches and details!

Mark Thompson from Ripon today. He caught his limit on green PowerBait at the spillway. His big fish weighed 4.60lbs!

Debe Hall from Orangevale was knocking them out on PowerBait, this was her big fish weighing 5.86lbs!

Billy Huynh from Stockton. 5.88lb trout out of 5 caught. Jackson creek trolling grubs and chartreuse power bait.

Fishing Report- Week of 2/13/17 Posted

Well, we got hammered again with this last storm so needless to say the water condition isn’t too good.  We stocked 2,400lbs this past Friday the 10th.  We also put in the last 100 derby tags, making our total of 300 tagged fish in the lake.  The derby continues until March 19th, so there is plenty of time left to catch yours.  There is a lot of debris floating around, hopefully the wind will be on our side again and we can get some pushed out in the following weeks.  There are still good areas on the lake that are clearer than the main body with a constant water flow like Mt. Springs and in the back of Carson Arm.  The spillway has been a consistently good area for shore fisherman too.  Remember to fish shallow and close to shore, the Trout are looking for food that has been washed in.  There have been some recent reports of good Bass fishing in the back of the lake.  We are currently waiting for results from the Redhook Adventures Tournament from this past Saturday.  Don’t forget to check us out on Facebook for more catches and details!


Fishing Report- Week of 2/6/17 Posted

The Past week has been great fishing, lots of people doing well and coming in for pictures. We are currently still full and spilling. The water has been clearing up, but probably will be at a standstill after this big, long storm. Still, scented bait is king. White Power Eggs, Garlic PowerBait in almost any color, and Night Crawlers are what is working best. Fish are in still very shallow in the top 5 feet of water and really close to shore. Many reports from fisherman say they are being caught about 10ft from the shoreline. Don’t forget to check us out on Facebook for more catches and details!


Fishing Report- Week of 1/30/17 Posted

We have lowered the fishing cost from $9 a person down to $7! We also will be having another plant later this week of 1,200lbs. The Fishing is starting to pick up again with reports from shore fisherman that they are in the top 5 feet and close to shore. Power Eggs, Night Crawlers and PowerBait are the bait of choice right now. The Dam put out a lot of fish this past weekend with fisherman fishing the edge of the debris line. The Spillway has been consistently a good area to fish as well. Trolling has been slow with the water still stained, but boaters have been bait fishing the back of the lake and coves that shore fisherman cant get to. Don’t forget to check us out on Facebook for more catches and details!

Fishing Report- Week of 1/23/17 Posted

Well with it raining all week again not much has changed with the water clarity or in the fishing department. The lake is still brown, but luckily last week the wind was on our side and help us push much of the debris covering the dam area to and out of the spillway. Using bait that has an odor to it is still recommended, since the fish are relying more on smell than vision. We got some good reports from fisherman that the spillway has been good fishing. Fish are still shallow and relatively close to shore, so remember not to go too deep or they will just pass it up. Don’t forget to check us out on Facebook for more catches and details!

Fishing Report- Week of 1/16/17 Posted

Wow, that was a heck of a lot of water we got last week! We spilled and them some, flooding the lower access road to the lake and forcing us to close until it receded. We have another plant coming later this week. The lake is pretty muddy and there is plenty of debris around at the dam and in the Jackson creek area. With the water like it is using bait that has an odor to it is essential, the fish will be relying more on smell than vision. The fish are shallow and close to shore looking for food has been washed in so you should do the same. Don’t forget to check us out on Facebook for more catches and details!

Fishing Report- Week of 1/9/16 Posted

We have gotten so much rain this past week that we are full and spilling over! We will be expecting our next plant this coming week. Not too many people have come out and braved the weather, but those that have, have been rewarded. More boaters have been fishing than shore fisherman and all their feed back is PowerBait and Rapalas and that the fish are shallow and close to shore. Don’t forget to check us out on Facebook for more catches and details!