11/20/2013 by Lee Lockhart

November is off to a good start after having some super high temperatures in October that kept the surface temperature higher than normal for this time of year. We are still planting fish with a 4 lb average weight and the stringers have been adding up.  On November 2nd I was able to meet up with  Jesse and Joe Vang from Sacramento who had a heavy 6 fish stringer that put grins on both of their faces.  On the same day we found Christa Camerer at her car where she proudly displayed her catch of the day a 5lb lunker.

If you haven’t heard about our latest trout plant then understand there’s a reason they say that Lake Amador is ” where the lunkers lurk”.  On November 8th we stocked 112 fish that had a total weight of 1750lbs giving the fish in that load a 15.6lb average, WOW!  I personally saw a few of these monsters that were upwards of 20lbs as they were loaded into the stocking trailer (check out the pictures).

Well it didn’t take long to start seeing the results of the last plant, just down the shoreline we found Richard Allen from Pioneer, Ca with a 12.4lb lunker he caught on a rooster tail, you can tell by the smile on his face that he’s having a great day!  By the middle of the afternoon Adam Coz of Orangevale, Ca was lugging a 15.30lb toad he caught on a silver/blue kastmaster up the shoreline toward the clubhouse to get it weighed.  This fish is the biggest we have had come in this year and Adam said it was definitely the biggest he had ever caught out of the lake.  It came time to head home from work and I figured the excitement was over for the day until I made my way across the Dam only to find another happy fisherman with two nice Amabow’s,  I just had to get a quick pic.

Joseph and Brieanne Williams from Sacramento each caught a nice 3lb trout on 11/9 and let me tell you there’s nothing like seeing the smiling faces of children as they proudly display their catch of the day.  On the same day Simon Ramsubbhag from Sacramento was happy to display this nice 4 fish stringer that had to be over 20 lbs with the largest looking to be over 10.

11/23 Chris Williams from Galt caught this nice 6 pounder from the corner of the Dam.



Remember Amador Anglers we need more pictures so please bring your catches up to the clubhouse so we can get you into our fishing report!!!

I also would like to give a special thank you to all our dedicated fishermen willing to put up with the extremely low levels of the lake in order to get a line wet.  We always appreciate your support and we thank you for keeping our family business alive in these times of drought,  I will personally say that Ya’ll are Awesome!


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