The Fishing Report

Fishing Report- Week of 2/1/16 Posted


Doesn’t get any better than this at Amador right now.  The fishing has been great and the weather has been beautiful with more good weather to come all week.  We are currently only 6 feet from full.  The handicap ramp will be hooked up to the big fishing dock later this week.  We also have another plant of 1200lbs scheduled to come this week.  Fish are still shallow and close to shore.  The water is slightly muddy right now so on these sunny days shiny lures work well.  Night Crawlers, Power Bait, and orange and white Curly Tail Grubs are doing good.  There have been some nice catfish that have been caught in years past with churned up waters like it is now, so you may take your chance at catfishing too.  Check us out on Facebook for more catches and details.




Here is a very nice 2 1/2lb Crappie caught by Lucas Taylor who is 9 yrs old. He was trolling a grub in mountain springs.












LUNKER ALERT!!! Everyone from Santa Cruz had a good day off fishing. The big fish was 8 pounds caught by Tommy Carrillo, using gold power bait from the dock.



Fishing Report- Week of 1/24/16 Posted

Great news boat fisherman, the lake is full enough now that we have our second ramp in the water making duel launch lanes.  We are currently 13 feet from full.  1200lbs of trout were stocked this last Thursday the 21st, and 100 fish were tagged for the derby.  Remember its not to late to sign up for the derby, it goes until March 6th, every tagged fish is a winner.  People are still knocking them out shallow and close to shore.  The water has a slight tinge to it, so shiny lures work well in catching the eye and attention of the fish.  Also, Green Power Bait, Crappie Jigs, and Curly Tail Grubs have been working well.  Check us out on Facebook for more catches and details.

duel ramp dock13'full









The boat dock is even more accessible. The handicap ramp will be hooked up by next week.





Brandon Burrell caught a nice 4 3/4lb trout using green power bait.



Fishing Report- Week of 12/17/16 Posted

With all the wet and rainy weather we have been getting and with more on the way for this week the water level is rising.  We are currently 22ft from full and expect to be above the 20′ mark by Wednesday.  Luckily there is no big debris floating around, only smaller pieces making there way to the dam.  With another load of 1200lbs of fish coming this week those who will face the bad weather will reap the rewards.  Remember to fish shallow and close to shore; be active, if you aren’t getting bites keep moving the shoreline.  Boaters should troll the outer edges of the lake, or fish the shorelines.  Check us out on Facebook page for more catches and details.


Another nice limit caught by Jason Thomas! He was willing to brave the cold wet weather and it definitely paid off. He got his limit in less than 3 hours down below the Clubhouse by fishing shallow and using green Power Eggs — with Jason Divine Fitness








Happy Fisherman trolling with blue rooster tails.


Lake Amador Fishing Report- 1/12/16 Posted

There have been some real lunkers brought in lately. We planted 1,200lbs this last week with another load coming next week. Trout are still feeding in the top 5ft of water and close to shore. Many have been successful using Garlic scented white power eggs, pink power bait, crappie jigs and broken back rapalas. Check out Facebook page for more catches and details.



Stanley Van Muyden caught some whoppers today topping the scales at 8lbs and 9lbs. He fished close to shore from his boat with broken back rapalas. Nice!











Wesley Barrios from Elk Grove just brought in a trophy trout at 8.46 lbs. He was fishing with pink Power Bait by the launch ramp. Looks kind of like a Lightning trout holdover to me, nice catch!











Scotty Beach and his 3 fishing buddies sure hauled in some nice rainbows today. Looks like Power bait, worms, and crappie jigs are the bait to use right after a rain storm. They had 20 fish total, 2 were tagged derby trout and they all limited out for the day!!!




Lake Amador Fishing Report- 1/4/16 Posted

Hope Everyone had happy holidays. Good weather and higher water levels have made for great fishing. With another 1,200lb plant coming this week, we will have planted a total of 14,100lbs this season. Trout are feeding in the top 5ft of water and close to shore. Garlic scented white power eggs, Kastmasters, and trolling with orange and white mice tails are the top bait for the moment. Check out Facebook page for more catches and details.


010316Check out Patrick Agdipa and his friends who definately had an awesome day fishing. The three of them caught their limits again and 4 of the fish were tagged derby trout!!! The highlight of the trip is when Patrick managed to land a 5.82lb lunker using a Kastmaster and end the fishing trip with a bang!




123115Fransico Pascual got this nice carp with salmon eggs that weighed in at 3.56lbs, said he lost one that was twice this size as well.











Amir McMillon was trolling in a rental boat at the back of the lake using mice tails with garlic scented white power eggs and orange power worm. He caught his limit with his big fish weighing 4.78lbs!

Week of 12/28/15 Fishing Report Posted

Great news, we have come up 15 feet with the recent rain and sit at 32 feet from full. Water quality is good with only light debris making its way to the dam for cleanup. Fishing has been great for both trollers and shore fisherman. Pink power bait, Kastmasters, and small crappie jigs are the top baits right now. Reports of trolling with Rapala’s have yielded well for many fisherman. Keep your bait small and in the top 5 feet.  Remember when fishing from shore be active and move the shore line looking for schools of trout.



We stocked our first load of trout on October 22nd 2015 with a weight of 4000lbs to get the season under way. So far we have stocked a total of 12,900lbs. Check out our stocking totals page for more details. With the lingering drought many trout rearing facilities have closed down including our own and getting trout has become quite difficult for many lakes in California.  Luckily we were able to secure the same 40,000lbs from Lassen we stocked last year so the fishing should be great.




I am excited to let everyone know that it looks like we will be able get a load of trout in the lake once per week every week through the month of May 2015.  There is a chance that due to holidays we may miss a week but I don’t expect it to happen more than once or twice.  Keep in mind that 10% of the loads will be over TROPHY SIZED weighing in between 8-20lbs so gear up.   We hope that this helps keep those heavy stringers flowing in!


Ok folks, your favorite time of year is just around the corner.  We will be starting our trout stocking program on Thursday of next week 10-23-2014 and will be planting a large 5000lb load of Rainbow’s to start the season.  In November we hope to start weekly plants of 1250lbs to keep all the fisherman out here with stringers full.  As always there should also be many holdovers from last season coming up from the depths, many of which weighed up to 20lbs and were never caught.  Keep in mind that this year your entrance fee’s will be significantly lower and should be very comparable to other lakes around our area.  We are a local family owned business and wanted to show how much we appreciate all who come out our way!

Hope you all have a lip rippin rod dippin kinda day!


Check this guy out!  Deven Hall has been bringing in some nice catches ranging from a 1/2lb bluegille to a 6lb bass and even a 25lb catfish.  He said the bass and bluegill were caught on a worm and the catfish was on Powerbait Cat Nuggets, Somebody had a  great week fishing!