The Fishing Report

Fishing Report- Week of 1/2/16 Posted

We are now 4ft from full, but with all this rain in the forecast we may fill and spill over soon. Reports from fisherman are that the Trout are shallow and about 10ft from shore. Smaller Kastmasters, PowerBait, and Mice Tails are still working best both from shore and by boat fishing the shoreline in the back of the lake. Mountain Springs has been turning out lots of fish in the past couple of weeks. Trolling the Jackson Creek area with broken back Fire Tiger Rapalas (J-7) is always good. Don’t forget to check us out on Facebook for more catches and details!


Fishing Report- Week of 12/26/16 Posted

We are now only 6 feet from full and the current water temperature is 55 degrees. The handicap ramp is hooked up to the big dock and functional. We have stocked every week this month with our last plant on the 22nd of 1200lbs and another load expected this week. Trolling has definitely picked up in the last two weeks! Rapalas and spinners are the lures of choice in the Jackson Creek area. I still have reports of boaters bait fishing the coves and shoreline in Jackson Creek and Mountain Springs areas. We have received a good amount of tagged fish from our derby (7 total from yesterday alone 12/26!), most from in the back of the lake showing that the fish do school together and are on the move. From shore Kastmasters, Micetails, PowerBait, and white Power Eggs are working well. Reports from fisherman are that fish are fairly shallow and close to shore, with most casting out from 5-10ft from shore. Don’t forget to check us out on Facebook for more catches and details!


Fishing Report- Week of 12/4/16 Posted

We stocked 1850lbs of Trout this last week on the 1st, making a total of 8550lbs stocked so far this season.  Thus far it sounds like we will be getting a load of Trout every week of December.  Most fisherman have been stating that Trout are shallow, but we have had reports of people catching them up to 25ft deep this last week.  PowerBait is still working the best. Trout are still hitting Power eggs, Rapalas, and Kastmasters too.  We still have our annual Tagged Trout Derby going on until March 19th.  We want more fish pictures from our fisherman, so bring up your fish for a picture and we will give you a free fountain soda or coffee in return!  Don’t forget to check us out on Facebook for more catches and details!


Fishing Report- Week of 11/28/16 Posted

Our stocking program this season is well on its way, we stocked 1,200lbs last week with another 1,200lbs coming later this week.  We are currently 16ft from full and water clarity isn’t that bad for the amount of rain we have gotten, still no debris floating yet.  Bass are still shallow with crawlers, jigs, and plastics all doing well.  Reports state that Trout are shallow.  Green PowerBait, Crappie jigs, and lures are still the top choice of anglers.  Don’t forget to check us out on Facebook for more catches and details!


Fishing Report- Week of 11/6/16 Posted

Right now Bass and Trout fishing are great.  Bass are shallow and hungry, fisherman are even catching them on Trout lures.  Trout are still shallow and close to shore.  Worms seem to be working best.  Watching shore fisherman, they can be seen successfully using power bait and Kastmasters as well.  We have a 1,200 lb. load of Trout coming at the end of the week.  Don’t forget to check us out on Facebook for more catches and details!



Fishing Report- Week of 11/1/16 Posted

We are currently 18ft from full.  We have gotten a fair amount of rain lately so the water is slightly murky but not bad and no debris in the water either.  We stocked 3,100lbs on Friday the 28th and fishing has been great so far.  Trout are shallow and hugging the shoreline.  Shore anglers have stated that worms and power bait are working well.  Boaters should baitfish the shoreline and hit the coves.  Bass are still on the top water. Don’t forget to check us out on Facebook for more catches and details!



Fishing Report- Week of 10/24/16 Posted

Well its finally here again folks, Trout season!  We are starting off the season with a load of over 3,000lbs at the end of this week.  We are currently 20ft from full with more weather in the forecast.  Bass and Catfishing is still going strong.  Bass are still on the surface, and people seem to be knocking them out.  A 16lb Catfish was brought through the lodge Sunday morning, unfortunately we didn’t get the gentleman’s name or what bait he was using in the breakfast rush.  Don’t forget to check us out on Facebook for more catches and details!

Stocking will start at the end of the month Posted

We will start stocking Trout again at the end of the month. We will add to the website and post on Facebook when we know which week it will be. So stay posted!

Fishing Report- Week of 8/22/16 Posted

Our annual Moonlighter was a success with a total 16 teams. Steven Bottiller and Dennis Torres took 1st place, with John Mayes and Russ Graves in 2nd, and George and Jordan Padilla in 3rd. Big fish weighed 7.6lbs. Night fishing is still great for Bass and Catfish. Though there have been some smaller catfish in the 3lb range being caught in the day time.

Fishing Report- Week of 8/15/16 Posted

We are currently 10ft from full and still doing good on water this year. Bass and Catfishing at night has really picked up here at Amador. We have gotten reports of some big bites from Catfish in the Jackson creek area. Many Boaters are fishing the rocky points toward the back of the lake for Bass. Still lots of crappie and blue gill along the shore below the Clubhouse and on the Dock. Good luck to all the teams entered into our Moonlighter Tournament this Saturday! Don’t forget to check us out on Facebook for more catches and details!